Apr 17, 2015

The winner of the 2015 Shadows of Oz giveaway is...............

Well its draw time again!! The cats can't be bothered, the dogs are too busy so it looks as if I will have to do the draw this year!!

So using my random name generator...(sounds posh doesn't it!! actually its just a bowl with name folded into it ) .......the winner is..... Sunshineshelle, if you let me have your details I will get the Flying Monkey Couriers to deliver the picture to you straight away.

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Apr 10, 2015

Kim Cowley alias The Kitchen Witch presents.............

Kim Cowley and I have been friends for a few years now and bless her she does not have a blog so I let her use Practically Magickal to post her entries for Celebrate Oz because.....well it just wouldn't be an arty party without the wonderful and creative work of Kim. If you would like to see more of her work you can visit her Facebook page "The Kitchen Witch". Kim and her husband Martin are both artists and I am always fascinated by the work that they do. Kim is now doing "Eco" printing which is quite wonderful. The use of nature's own beauty to create imprinted fabrics. She uses cotton and silk and the images that attained are just breathtaking. So without further ado....as they say.....here is Kim's take on the Shadows of Oz - Celebrate Oz 2015.

A shadow has fallen over Oz the leaves have fallen from the trees and it is always winter but never Christmas....whoops I popped over to Narnia there sorry!!...anyhow I digress, a shadow has fallen over Oz, all of the leaves have fallen off of the trees, and for a time it seemed that leaves would be forever forgotten,  fortunately eco printing has been  discovered  and so the witch was able to make prints of the dead leaves and turn them into a wall hanging, the  hanging will be delivered to the real magician of Oz by The Flying Monkey Couriers Inc. (though sadly not in time for Oma's birthday! )

As the leaves are winging their way to the real magician, well that is not strictly speaking true, the Flying Monkey Couriers Inc seem a bit dilatory and haven't bothered to pick it up yet!!

but as the leaves do have a new home the giveaway for the Oz challenge is this 6 by 8inch pen and ink drawing of Oz just as the shadow was starting to fall.

This is the giveaway
Leave a comment and I'll pick a name and announce the winner on April 18. Good Luck to all.

Mar 28, 2014

Announcing the winners of the giveaway for Hues of Oz...........

This year Bess and Bob insisted on doing the grand draw for Oz, after all the cats had done it last year and to be frank they both think that those cats are too dammed spoiled, they always get the best place in front of the fire first and won't move and their food always taste nicer!

So here we go!

So the winner of the Oz cushion is.....Stacy of Magic Love Crow


The winner of the face plaque is...... James C Wallace, The Magician of Oz

If you send your address etc via Oma Linda at: turtle 8603 at comcast dot net, I will get your prizes sent off to you :)

And a HUGE thank you to Oma Linda for organizing another great Oz party

Mar 20, 2014

Kim Cowley - Hues of Oz 2014

I was so excited about the title of this years Celebrate Oz because when I first saw The Wizard of Oz as a child, I was just blown away by the shift from the dull Kansas black and white in the beginning of the film to the riot of Ozian colour when Dorothy awakens in the Land of Oz.

Oz was all bright, eye popping color!!

And if I think about the colours of Oz now, aside from the Gingham blue and ruby slippers (I wanted to be Dorothy and wear that dress and those slippers), I still see just that: a riot of colour and strange and wonderful faces.

Oz is the magical place where the rules of nature are different, animals talk, inanimate things become alive and the whole thing is a glorious riot of colour.

From these childhood memories came my inspiration for the face wall plaque and the cushion. I still have a soft spot for gingham so that runs through both pieces, but the colours and faces are as I saw them as a child.

The wall plaque is made from had made wet felt embellished with embroidery details. The Face is sewn onto a backing of unprimed art canvas and then glued to a wooden base, The base was cut with a jigsaw (a newly acquired skill btw) and I decoupaged it to go with the Oz theme. A hook has been added for hanging.

The cushion is hand made from gingham with hand made wet felted panels and embellishments added.

Both the wall plaque and the cushion are my giveaways and I would ask that you comment here and let me know which you are interested in. The drawing will be on March 28th and the winner announced here on March 29th. Good luck to all of you.

Please take time to go back to Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts and click on the links to the other partys. Thanks so much for coming here to visit.

Jun 29, 2013

Don't forget to update to a new blog reader..........

or you can just fill in the follow by email tab on my sidebar to continue knowing when I post here.

This site has been so slooooooooooooooooooow for such a long time.....but I am going to put up something new beginning Monday morning........so please continue to follow.

Mar 26, 2013

We're back in the business of introductions.........

Gosh, it is hard to believe that it has been 5 months since I posted anything here at Practically Magickal. I had all the good intentions in the world to stay current with my recommendations of other artist work but I got bogged down in life.

It is my hope that I will be able to take the time once a week to continue to highlight other's work. I also hope that I will be able to bring to you folks you may not already know about. I also am going to have some guest bloggers to tell of their art experience, journey or perhaps even offer a tutorial on their preferred media.

I have introduced you to the wonderfully talented and totally awesome Sharon Henry from Plumrose Lane before but this is a good place to begin again.

In the past few months Sharon has had the unbelieveable task of retreiving all her computer design files from one source and find a more suitable storage home for them. We're talking thousands of files. She has been a phenom when it comes to taking care of her clients and helping reinstall backgrounds, badges, headers.....you name it Ms. Sharon has been on the job.

I so admire her talent when it comes to all things computer, but more than that I admire her work ethic. She will not leave a client hanging. She is right there to make it right, as painless as possible and does so with a grace and light that makes me so happy to call her friend and I am one of her biggest fans. She is a beautiful lady inside and out.

If you need a makeover for your blog, a zippy new facebook page topper, a custom anything for your computer, please know that when you call on Sharon, she will be there for you all the way from beginning to end. I highly recommend her and her work.

Here's my new badge for this blog. Isn't it wonderful?????? So go to the sidebar, capture my badge, come back and see me and I'll introduce you to more lovely folks.

Oct 20, 2012

Giveaway Winners and a guilty pleasure of mine......

Thank you to all who commented on the post for the Bewitching Home goes Pink. I always appreciate your thoughts.

The winner of the mask is Maddyrose of Santa and the Mrs. The Winner of the pink witch hat is Wendy S of The Year with Cats. Congratulations to both of you. I'll have these in the mail to you on Monday.

And now on to my guilty pleasure. I have for most all of my life been fascinated by all thinks "dotty". Red and White polka dots just do me in. Love, love, love them. And so, that love has brought me to an insane love of gnomes, mushrooms and all manner of wonders in the required white on red dotty world. I have a folder on my pinterest "What is red white and gnome all over" and fill it with my heart's desire often.

I found that there is another person that I know who shares my passion for polka dots of the red and white variety and I came to know this when I saw some of her photos in her blog, The Vintage Fairytales. Yes Becky is a dotty nut in addition to being a fabulous photographer and lovely person.
She sent me this too fabulous for words antique glass red and white topped mushroom because.....just because. I adore it and Becky.

I have installed it into a bell jar to keep it safe......I'm not sure that's where it will stay, but after all the Halloweenie comes down, I'm looking forward to placing it in its permanent home in the dining room. Or as my grandchildren like to say.....the display room.