Feb 26, 2012

Rebecka Ryborg Skott, my long lost love child in Sweden

I know what?????
I made this block tower for Becky and she sent me this photo work of art
I used to sell on Ebay. The fates brought the most wonderful human into my life when I was selling these strange little soft plastic little boy dolls heads. The woman who bought them instantly sparked my interest. I visited her Vintage Fairy Tales and I was a gonner. I love her sense of humor, her eye for just the right composition of her photos and of course her whimsy wrapped up in beauty.
Beckybus and I have known each other for several years and are the kind of friends that know we are out there for each other, even when we don't speak for extended periods of time. She is so dear. Such a kind heart. So loving. I felt so close to her that I kidded her and said she must be my love child I left in Sweden.
In a couple of years, if all goes well, she will be coming to New Mexico. She has a group of friends and fellow artists who go to a Julie Arkell led workshop in Briancon France.....one of those ladies lives in Santa Fe and is trying to set up a gathering of the Briancon ladies here at Los Poblanos, a very lovely rural setting. So I might have a chance to meet, hug and feed my Beckybus in person. That is a very happy thought indeed.
My grands produced and made this video for Becky after she dedicated this wonderful Penguin photo to us. I am the penquin and they are under my wings....it is a gift of a life time for us.

Please go and see all the wonder and magic that you too will find in Becky's art in The Vintage Fairytales.

Feb 19, 2012

Sunshineshelle is this weeks featured artist

Shelle and I have many bloggy friends in common and I have watched what she does, read her blog and the banter of she and others and fallen in love with this young womans artistry and style.

I would like to introduce all of you to Michele and invite you to see what she paints, draws and how she sees the world. Sunshineshelle has a page on facebook, a shop on Etsy and this is a link to her blog.

These are some of the faces she has been creating for the 29 faces of February. I think she is uber talented.

And I adore this one from a fabulous story she wrote...........

Feb 12, 2012

Gotta show my newest memory pillow

My dear friend Justina at Morning Bray Farm asked me to create a pillow for her to give to her Father featuring his two dogs. The brown dog whose name was Cyair had to be euthanized recently and her Dad, as well as the other dog named Blueie both miss Cyair. I thought that was a sweet thought on her part and so I took the photo reproduced it on fabric and set about making a fabric collage. Here are the results.

I hope her Father will look on this pillow and have fond memories of a good dog who is missed.

Feb 6, 2012

Illustrated Ink

This week's featured artist is Leila of Illustrated Ink and Tatoo Tales.
I am an admirer of Dia de Los Muertos art in a huge way. One of my favorite searches on Etsy as a matter of fact. When I found Leila's art, I was truly in love. Her "back in the day" tattoo artistry combined with an obvious love and passion for Day of the Dead art is so apparent in every piece she completes.
I have a few of her illustrations and they have a place as part of my ofrenda for celebration of Day of the Dead as well as decorating my work space every day. There is a sincere homage to both tatoo and Dia in every piece I have seen that is created by this very talented lady.
I invite you go to visit Leila at both her Etsy shop and her blog. You'll get to see not only her art but also the newest member of her family, Edward the adorable Corgy puppy. His little face is soooooooo sweet.

Thanks Leila for being my featured artist this week.