Dec 6, 2010

A new Holiday tree

I have from time to time used the netting that comes on fruit, veggies and turkeys for mundane things like scrubbers, or nets in my altered mermaid collages. But this particular turkey bag just spoke to me. Told me I needed to use some vintage buttons and a cone made of a cereal box to make something special to go with my new large Putz style house.

Happy Holidays friends and thanks for stopping by to see me and my upcycled tree.

Nov 18, 2010

I just listed and relisted some items on Etsy

I know that I have shared with you how much I love turquoise and how it makes me feel when I am stringing the chips and stones. I just love these pieces and thought I would share them with you. Please come by and see me at my Etsy and also on Ebay at turtle8603.

turquoise chips, silver beads and coral seed beads
tied in the traditional Santo Domingo knots, no metal findings

3 strand brown pearl & turquoise med chips with oyster shell heishi
bone pentacle and beads alternating with goldstone/sunstone

polished coral necklace and earrings
turquoise paddle shape with alternating spheres and heishi
wonderful mixed blues & greens with matrix
 I also have relisted the painted silk brooches and some other goodies. Thank you for stopping by.

Oct 27, 2010

A step forward

I am involved in an art class online entitled art, heart and healing.

This is the first product of that class.

I am pleased with this. That being said, quick background, I haven't drawn for about 40 years. I won't stop now. I have so many ideas than projects planned now. I hope you don't mind my sharing them.

Oct 21, 2010

My Halloween craftings.........

I will just share photos of some of the fun creations of this Halloween season thus far:

Happy Halloween

Sep 7, 2010

Not only rain brings "toadstools"

I believe in the fae which include faeries and other creatures just on the other side of the veil.

I am a lover of all things.....gnome. I put up a gnome tree in the winter just so they have a place to hide and come in out of the cold. And have a lovely collection of people made gnomes in all manner of living poses.

Knowing that a red capped mushroom is actually a gnome standing very still so that no one can recognize them has been a lovely part of my fantasy collection as well. Everytime I see red polka dots, I think put that together with my need to make something out of nothing and here is my light up gnome toadstool made from a glass bowls, glass vases, fairy lights and red polka dot fabric.

I'm sure that I will find a vinette in which to locate this fun project. I'm thinking front porch with a gnome. I think the gnomes will approve of my portrait of the "very still", I hope you do as well.

Aug 22, 2010

A lovely giveaway from a very lovely woman

Nydia at Bringing Up Salamanders  is having a very generous and beautiful giveaway. Go to her blog and check out the wonderful  offerings she has. Also visit her at her Etsy shop

Jul 23, 2010

May not be art but I like it

Several weeks ago Jaz at Octoberfarm had a blog about glass sculptures (totem) for the garden.   She has the most vivid imagination and has such a lovely garden. I love to read her blog to see what she has thought up.....

Well I couldn't resist being a "copy cat" and making a plate, bowl, saucer and holiday ball assemblage piece. I went beyond (and that is no surprise huh?) and attached glass beads to the cut glass plates and then strung hundreds of glass and acrylic beads to make my homage to Jaz's totem a little "sparklier".

I am very pleased with my glass tower/totem. I hope the close-ups give you a sense of how the 11 separate pieces of glass came to be a combined effort to being a tower. (top to bottom: holiday cut ball, small pressed plate, clear glass pedestal, larger pressed plate, 2 small bubble bowls, small clear saucer, large pressed bowl, ribbed vase, medium clear glass bowl, large pressed plate. All but the holiday ball was junk store finds.)

And I know you're're going to put that in your garden???? Well that was the initial plan but now after all the beading hours...I'm not so keen on the idea of a neighbor's cat spraying it or the wind tumbling it down so.....I guess we're just gonna hafta stare at it and my family is obligated to oooooo and aaaaaaah. As if.

Jul 17, 2010

Hi all, I've missed you muchly

My yard sale is done. That may not sound like a big deal but it is for me. I only had two take backs. One was a cute snowman with a flap ear cap and blue knitted vest (he asked me if he could please come back and play) and the other was a bracelet that I can use on one of my framing projects. Everything else is now happily residing in either someone else's house or Goodwill's warehouse.

I know I will have to have a "craft supply" yard sale in the late fall but I am having a tough time acting upon the necessary duty of culling and gleening. I can still see the projects I was going to make with these things. I will be listing "makings" on Etsy starting the end of August. My plan is to put lots of things together to enable others to create. What do you think about that? Does that sound like a goodie or a dud?

And now I can see half of my garage. The other half is occupied with my packing supplies for Ebay/Etsy and my plastic bins full of material for purses and dolls. And I must admit some bins of things I have collected hold items II hope to sell on Etsy or Ebay depending. But there is a whole open area to walk on and look at and think, gee I could almost get a car in here. It's kinda freaky.

I always feel better getting rid of stuff that owns me instead of the other way around. The dilemna is the conflicting feelings I create in if I could just learn the big picture lesson from that.

I have, when taking a break, read most of your blogs but didn't allow myself the opportunity to comment or get into the spirals of referrals I usually do. I did however miss (can you spell addiction) all of you. 4 more weeks until school starts, please......hurry, I'm running out of good time juju. At that time I guess I am expecting great things from me and hope to live up to my own expectation of getting back into the studio and actually doing not just dabbling. 

Jul 11, 2010

The season of denial...........oops

I have not one picture to share of what I have been working on. But I am already feeling cripsy leaves crunching under foot, and there is a nip in the air everytime I look at my work bench. Spooky, ookies, skullies and all manner of Hallowooooonie things are beginning to appear and come together.

This Friday is Garage sale day and after that....I'm free. Do you hear me? Free I tell you. Then I will share my fall doings and also let you see why I am called The Olde Bagg....

Jun 24, 2010

Preparations for the Mad Tea Party

I realize that this really is not a big deal but it was to us. Lots of hours preparing costuming, the sets, the accessories and the props. Then the set up, make up and picture taking. This was all for this Saturday June 26th third annual Mad Tea Party. The brain child of Vanessa at  A Fanciful Twist. There are almost (at my last count) 200 participating blogs. Come Saturday you can check out how creative folks are.

Your welcome to join us at:

Jun 4, 2010

The dress forms are a bargain bin find and embellished with buttons, bones, beads, sequins, wire, faux pearls from 1960's necklace, figural brass charms, washers and tulle, lace and raffia. I thought this was kinda fun.

The black one, I will use here for an upcoming event and the pearl encrusted one is listed in my Etsy store.

No rocket science but then I have yet to see someone display rocket science.....maybe I don't run in those circles though. LOL

May 30, 2010

Turquoise Jewelry and more

I have just listed some more items on my Etsy shop. Most are jewelry pieces.

Having lived in New Mexico all my life, minus a short time in San Francisco and Denver, I just adore turquoise. There is something so calming, so tender to ones soul when touching turquoise. I love working with it and these necklaces are but a few of my mania pieces. If you don't know, turquoise is not just is all shades of aqua to verdant green to yellow. Matrix in the turquoise is the host rock. The matrix also can vary from jet black to caramel brown. My very favorite combination is medium green turquoise with a lt brown matrix. There is something almost sensual about it for me.

I hope you will enjoy seeing these pieces of my work.

May 14, 2010

New fiber do dads. silk painted flowers

I am blessed to have a lovely 80 something year old friend who has been gracious enough to give me lessons in silk painting. She is a retired teacher, former award winning water colorist and photographer, who 24 years ago changed her interest to fiber art, particularly silk painting. She is absolutely amazing. She is originally from Ohio but has been living here in the southwest for 30 years (we just recently celebrated that anniversary). 

I have minimal skill as a silk know that old compare and destroy confidence thing, but have produced some usable pieces. In doing so, I became intrigued with the colors more than the patterns. The Fairy Flower brooches are a product of that color study. These are some of that study.

Feb 5, 2010

My first on this venue

This sweet captured mermaid is an environment piece of altered art. The mermaid is a composite of photograph and paper with embellishments. The goldfish bowl has a permanent crushed shell floor with whole shells, glass bubbles and a faux pearl offering. The mermaid is seated on a shell throne and has the once in a blue moon smiling down on her. This piece will soon be listed on my Etsy sight for $24.95 plus shipping.