Oct 20, 2012

Giveaway Winners and a guilty pleasure of mine......

Thank you to all who commented on the post for the Bewitching Home goes Pink. I always appreciate your thoughts.

The winner of the mask is Maddyrose of Santa and the Mrs. The Winner of the pink witch hat is Wendy S of The Year with Cats. Congratulations to both of you. I'll have these in the mail to you on Monday.

And now on to my guilty pleasure. I have for most all of my life been fascinated by all thinks "dotty". Red and White polka dots just do me in. Love, love, love them. And so, that love has brought me to an insane love of gnomes, mushrooms and all manner of wonders in the required white on red dotty world. I have a folder on my pinterest "What is red white and gnome all over" and fill it with my heart's desire often.

I found that there is another person that I know who shares my passion for polka dots of the red and white variety and I came to know this when I saw some of her photos in her blog, The Vintage Fairytales. Yes Becky is a dotty nut in addition to being a fabulous photographer and lovely person.
She sent me this too fabulous for words antique glass red and white topped mushroom because.....just because. I adore it and Becky.

I have installed it into a bell jar to keep it safe......I'm not sure that's where it will stay, but after all the Halloweenie comes down, I'm looking forward to placing it in its permanent home in the dining room. Or as my grandchildren like to say.....the display room.

Oct 12, 2012

The Bewitching Home goes PINK.........

It is my pleasure to be participating in The Bewitching Home hosted by The Witch of Howling Creek on today's post.
I am also pleased to be able to share "Pink for October", a website dedicated to spreading pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. If you are interested in going pink for October and there is certainly time left to do so, please go to: http://pinkforoctober.org/go_pink.html 
Sharon from Plumrose Lane has generously provided blog headers, facebook and twitter pink backgrounds as well as badges for blogs etc for this cause. Stop by Plumrose Lane or the website to learn more.
I was inspired to take a plain witches hat and bring out the pink. This ensemble just needs a broom to make the evening complete.....Go Pink!!!
In honor of this Pink for October blog, I'd like to giveaway the Pink Witches Hat and also the gold/pink mask. So just comment and let me know which of these prizes you would like to win. If you would like to become a follower of this blog, you will receive and additional entry. If you are currently a follower you also will get an additional entry. I will be drawing a winner on October 18.
Go Pink for October, remind a friend that you love them and want them to go get a mammogram, donate to help to find a cure for breast cancer, and if you would like an extra entry in this giveaway, go to Plumrose Lane and comment that Practically Magickal sent you on this days posting. Also here is the link to see the other particpants in this fun blog event.