Jan 29, 2012

Vintage Susie is this week's featured artist.........

I found Susie, not as an artist but rather as a super story teller and blogger extraordinaire as she made her way from her home state of California to Round Top Texas. I have always wanted to go to the antique fun especially to see The Junk Gypsies. Susie told of her drive across and through New Mexico and I was so taken by this adventurers tale......for you see she did all this solo. Something I have also wanted to try. I lived vicariously through her adventures as she went to Carlsbad Caverns and on to the fun in Texas.

After her meeting with the Junk Gypsies she was able to have her new "arting" endeavor included in their shop as well as many other places to purchase these great pieces. Take a look at her lovely jewelry sight here. http://www.vsspoonin.com/

And check out her blog Vintage Susie & Wings. Great gal with a fun sense of life and arting........

Jan 25, 2012

I adore orphan art............

Since I did the Oops and don't have an artist featured this week, I decided to tell you of all the joys of my collection of art that wasn't or used to was but isn't now. HUH?

I adore junk store, thrift store, second hand store shopping. I have been recycling and redoing for more years than most of you are....you lucky ducky youngsters you.

One of my favortie things is to find paintings and reclaim them for more advanced "arting", mixed media or embellishment extravaganzas. None of these paintings are what I would call bad art, they are just not polished or ever been in a judged show kinda art.....and that is what makes me love them. They deserve adoration too.

I love to find winter scenes and play sparkle plenty with snow glitter, icicles and the old standby mica glitter. I also adore sea scenes where I can place mermaids and crab on the sand with shells and pebbles. But last week while shopping at GW imports as we call it at our house (goodwill for the uninitiated) we found a diamond in the rough of epoch proportion. This is the bestest of the best, the cream de la creme.

The painting is of a rural setting house with barn and it features a full moon through the trees. Now the artist could not have known my redo art aesthetic any better than if the mysterious Carol (bless you darling who ever you are) had asked me what I would like to see in a painting for my hallway.

For you see it reminds me of a project I had in "Kiddie Art 212" in college. We had to take a page from a childrens book and make it a mixed media translation of the original. I chose a book titled, Nothing ever happens on my street" and made a 4 season folliage change to the trees etc. What fun. And this painting is offering some of the same kind of giggles and grins.....see the pathway? I wonder what will be coming down the path this month versus, oh say in the fall. The painting is large enough to be quite striking, about 20 x 40. I'm thinking about magnets for the changes, since this is not framed.

I have enlisted the imaginations of all the big and little ones at our house to tell me what we need to make this a seasonal masterpiece that we pass several times a day. What do you think? Have any ideas to share?

Jan 24, 2012


What????? It's only the fourth week in January of a new year and I missed new artist Sunday. Yikes. I guess you can't expect an olde bagg to remember afterall. Sorry. I was so busy having fun on Sunday with the donkeys of Morning Bray Farm, I didn't do any research and so, I give you a photo to enjoy instead until next week.
On March 22 of this year, I will once again be hosting CELEBRATE OZ on my blog LindaOma's Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts.

I would like to invite all of you to join Wizard of Oz fans in celebrating all things OZ. Here is a link to last year's fun. It is a blog party of the Ozzzzzzzy kind and I don't mean Sharon's husband. If you have questions about who, what, how, and why (everyone always wonders why with my hair brain ideas, tee hee), just follow the link and it will show you what you want to know. Or look for the new 2012 invitation to Celebrate Oz coming soon.

Jan 15, 2012

Zoe Renee is born today.....Grandma Georgina is my featured artist

Zoe Renee is Georgina's first granddaughter. She has a posse of grandsons, but this baby girl will be the queen bee for sure.

Georgina Diaz and I met each other on a paper mache group online almost 3 years ago. Immediate kinship was established and we began to make folks on the the paper mache group wish they had closed the group because we had so much fun with each other. We left that group of "grumpies" behind and headed for blogger with a smile on our faces and sarcasim in our souls. Georgina is a Texan, but I have never held that against her, tee hee. After all she lives in El Paso and we in New Mexico have long known that all of that part of Texas is actually part of NM except for politics.

With her wonderful hispanic vibe to the craziness she brings to her "arting", she is a favorite, Dia de Los Muertos, La Reina, Guadalupe and general fun artist, using loud colors and bold attitude. There is nothing sad about any of her pieces of mixed media, paper mache, painted wonderfulness.

Georgina has an opinion about everything and is never not willing to share not only her view on life but her love as well. She is the consumate "bestie" and partner in crime that we, of the loca vieja (crazy old woman) set look for in a friend.

Please go check out La Llorna Arts, you'll not only get an eyeful of whimsical art but an eyeful of the world according Ms. Georgina. And trust me, she'll make you giggle or scratch your head at least once, each visit. She is a gem.

Congratulations to you Grandma Georgina, and to your daugher, her husband and the brothers of the new baby Zoe Renee

Jan 8, 2012

Sandi Crawford

It's Sunday.....do you know what that means???? It means I am featuring another crafty person on Practically Magickal.

My newest "featuree" commented on this blog and volunteered to be one of my features. She and I are on an Etsy group together. In the group, Pagans on Etsy, I said that I would be a Promo Pixie....can't you just see me as a pixie? Sorta like Fairy Mary in the Tinkerbell movie, only a wee bit older, way cuter and some chubbier. Yep that's me.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you all to Sandi Crawford of Sandi Enchanted Garden.

In viewing her shop, I found that she has many different lovely items in her shop and handmakes all of them. Sandi says this about herself: I have been into herbalism, and aromatherapy and designing my own blends since the birth of my first son in 1995. I used many of my herb and essential oil blends to help with colic, teething, breastfeeding, not selling him (lol) etc. By the time he was in elementary school I was making and selling crafts and candles of the same sort.
Since my products are handmade they contain the energy of the one making them. I make my candles in calm and relaxed environment so that the same relaxing energy can be felt when burning them, and it increases the power available to me when I charge and bless them. The methods I use to charge them were taught to me by a witch I worked with in Europe. It had been handed down to her through the women in her family for centuries!

I invite you to go and take a look at the wonderful assortment of candles, oils and wonderfulness that is Sandi Enchanted Garden.

And if there are those of you who would like to be featured here on Practically Magickal....just let me know, I would love to make it so.

Oma Linda

Jan 7, 2012

Speaking of wonderful Stacy..........

Gotta give you a personal note about our girl Stacy of Magic Love Crow. My grandson Ry is a favorite topic in my other blogs. Ry is my very best inside, outside, upside down thinking wizard, he has Asperger's which is on the Autism Spectrum. I tell you this not because it defines him but rather because it is the reason for his differently abled point of view on life. He continues to be a huge blessing to me and mine and obviously has had an impact on my readers and beyond.

Stacy with the heart of gold also has featured artists as she comes into contact with them and I followed her direction in visiting a lovely artist named Karen Anne of Hummingbelles. Karen Anne had a contest to give away a set of her boy paper dolls. I entered and said to whom I would give the fabulous paper dolls were I to win. Well I didn't win the contest but Ms. Stacy made sure that Ry got a set for Christmas. The pay it forward could have ended there but it didn't.
paper doll boy from Hummingbelles
I let Karen Anne know how thrilled "the boy" was with the boy paper doll and the wonderful pirate clothes and fishing outfits etc. Well you just have to go and see how way cool these are. And also thanked her for the quiet time during the holidays I got when he was absorbed in the playing of "Major" the name given to the doll. Seems my note was well timed by the universe to brighten Karen Anne's day. Certainly I was only thanking her for her part in the holidays, but it went further for her as she said, just when she needed it.

So you see, it is all Stacy's fault.....tee hee, that so many folks were made happy by an act of kindness, with no strings attached. In light of all of this good stuff, I would say to you, let's continue to pay it forward and spread that sunshine and Magic Love Crow blog attitude around. Love you Stacy, you're a goodie.

Jan 4, 2012

Stacy at Magic Love Crow

The first to be featured this year is Stacy. Personal info....a very talented, young artist with a heart as kind as they come. All of her beauty and love of whimsy and fun is embodied in her art, which she cranks out with wild abandon. It is a joy to see all that she sees through her art and I am always thrilled by the truth that she paints. Stacy has the most amazing life story which you must read on her blog. It will give you an insight into why life holds so much promise everyday to Stacy.

She says about her art, "It's funny sometimes, I sit down to paint a baby crow, let's saying dancing and what comes out is an adult crow in a nest. Whatever flows out of me, that's what I do. And, many of my paintings, come from my dreams too ;o)". Also on her blog she tells how important crows are in her life and why she paints them. Her blog can be found here.

If you haven't been to see Stacy's work visit her at her Etsy shop Magiclovecrow.

Here are some examples her work:

Jan 2, 2012

What's new gnu???

Well, hi there folks. It's only the twoth of the new year and already the rebel without a clue in me has brought me to a conclusion.....of monumtental proportion.

First that I woke up on the sparky side of 2012, can ya tell?   and

There are lots of talented people out there who deserve to get more people's attention and a bigger spotlight on their handiwork..........can I get an amen and duh Linda?

I am in a couple of organizations online that do this pretty well on their own....advertising that is, but I am going to bring what I like and what I know to Practically Magickal for your dining and dancing pleasure.....er viewing pleasure.

I'm gonna start with some of the abundance of talent that is on Etsy and also on Blogger....but if you know someone who needs some exposure and I'm not just talking about your pale friends who don't partake of the suntan parlors, then let me know via email and I'll put them on here too. Or if you would like to be included in this venture let me know....I'm all for self promotion.

Because like my Uncle Fancy used to say, unless you toot your own horn, no one will know you can play the sucker. And I'm all about playing. How 'bout it? Wanna play?