May 14, 2011

Rhonda's Originals is giving us a special discount...............

Hey everybody. I got this convo from May's featured artist. I am passing this along to all of you because so many of you showed interest in her work. This is so generous of Rhonda and I for one have a couple of items of hers that I am dying to have. So check out the sale and save some mullah.

Hi Linda,

I am offering an exclusive 20% OFF sale to your bloggers on all of your blogs. If they go to and use the coupon code LINDASFRIENDS20 when they order, they will get 20% off their order!

Sale ends June 1st.

The only items not included in the sale are those already on sale...for example, the already existing 25% off package deals on the various paper doll parades and the troll doll, which is already on sale, etc.

Hope everyone enjoys the sale !


May 2, 2011

Here's my Featured Artist for May... Rhonda of Rhonda's Originals

I know that you are going to love her work, her aesthetic and you will love working with her because she is a very lovely, generous lady of flair.

I found Ms. Rhonda in my quest for all things Halloweenish. She has the most phenomenal Halloween Parade Paper dolls ever, as well as Marie Antoinette, Christmas and other holiday and fantasy paper dolls.

This is her process. She was nice enough to share with me the befores and afters of her wonderful Halloween Spider Lady composition.
This is what Rhonda begins with and then puts her special magickal touch to these pieces and they become.....
Voila, isn she gorgeous???????
There is a great deal of time and energy put into the finished product which I can hardly wait to experience for myself. The downloads are wonderful, complete and the instructions are very well written.

Rhonda's etsy shop:
Rhonda's Blog:
Rhonda's Facebook Page:

The grands and I took the money I made recently on Etsy and invested it into the Halloween Parade parts 1 and 2. We have begun to get ready for my fav holiday ever and I'll share my completed goodies soon.

So now my lovelies, off you go....and visit a talented graphic artist with a flair for the whimsical and grasp of what detailed work should look like.....

Thanks Rhonda for being the May Featured Artist on Practically Magickal.