Feb 6, 2011

I feel like Sally Fields........they like me, they really like me...........

I've had the most amazing month. I have made more sales in my Etsy store in the last 30 days than I did in the previous 11 months. I had 3 commission pieces, 6 items reserved and only have 6 of the "not quite right" hearts left in the shop. Wow. Just hot damn Wow.

I really feel it is because of the new circles and better communication facilitated on Etsy and because some of you cutie patooties were kind enough to spread the word on Facebook about me and my Oma Linda's Practically Magickal............and I thank you.

I, in turn, will weekly on this site, introduce more folks I find and let you know about them and their work.

I believe what comes around goes around in a positive way as well....pay it forward.....return a favor with a favor.......being NICE Matters. I just needed to say THANK YOU UNIVERSE for letting me know it is positive out there.

Danni Suplicki of The Whimsical Cottage is perhaps one of the kindness, most dedicated artist I know. She is contantly redefining what she does. Painting, sculpting and all this while maintaining strong connections with the blogging and facebooking community. She is a good friend as well. In the midst of GK's fear, she took time to send this wonderful friend dragon to keep GK's spirits up.
The dragon's name is in Finnish and is a secret or I would share it with you. It has not left GK's side since she came to be her protector friend.

Please, if you have not already visited Danni's Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/thewhimsicalcottage do so, you won't be sorry you did.