Nov 26, 2011

More about Donna of So Dark So Cute

Everytime Donna posts about a new creation of hers I am struck with the thought that she is self taught. So many artists throw around their "credentials" and that is wonderful for them. Education is a fabulous thing. But I truly have my hats off to the self taught, nose to the grindstone, keep doing it til I get it right artist. The ones that create from their souls. I believe Donna is just such an artist.

Here are some additional photos of her talented work.

Please visit Donna on etsy in her shop So Dark So Cuties

Nov 1, 2011

November Artist of the Month

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Donna of SoDarkSoCute. Donna works in clay and cloth. Her inspiration comes from the Victorian Era, a Gothic Lolita vibe, along with Darth Gothic influences. Vampires and a sense of silence and loneliness also pop into some of her creations.

The phenomenal thing is.........while Donna had drawn and painted previously, she had not sculpted. She picked up some clay in February 2009 and has been making her own style of art dolls ever since. She says that she wanted to be creative in a new way and asked the powers that be to guide her. I'd say she listened to the answer to her plea. I think her work is amazing.

Donna is from The Netherlands (froggyland as she calls it). She is a kind, sensitive, loving and has a huge heart......all of this shows in her creations.

I hope you will go to SoDarkSoCute and check out her latest art dolls and tell her what you think.