Mar 31, 2012

And here's some more info on Cathy DeLeRee

The more I find out about this lovely lady the more I am impressed with not only her talents but....her heart as well.

I asked if there were any other photos of her work that she wanted to share with you and this is what she sent me. I will let you read her words, it is so beautiful.

The painting I attached was a commission. This was for a woman that lost he horse Ricky. Its a memorial piece, made with the hair she saved for years. I had enough to somehow get his mane and tail done. It was a wonderful experience to get to know the spirit of Ricky as I created this work of love..:o)

What a beautiful way of memorializing a fur friend.

Hope you have enjoyed this edition of featured artist. And happy April tomorrow.

Mar 24, 2012

Cathy DeLeRee is this week's featured artist

Cathy of and her facebook page is this weeks features artist.

I had looked at, admired and favorited some of Cathy's work on Etsy but did not know her until this last week. You see, she is the artist who painted the wall plaque that made my week. I received a surprise in the mail this week from Arizona......Stacy of MagicLoveCrow had gotten me this plaque from Cathy. Yep, you guess it a beautiful donkey who now has the name StacyC. I thanked Cathy for her part in my happy surprise and come to find out we have other friends in common......donkey friends even. Ms. Ady of pomegranite80.

I have some of Cathy's work shown here and encourage you to check out the lovely whimsical and touching art she creates. She says of herself that she is self taught, loves Mexican art, color and the desert of Arizona sparked something creative in her. You're gonna love what she does, what she sees and if you do get a chance to visit with her, you will love the light shining from her goodness.

Cathy DeLeRee, thanks for being this week's featured artist.