Mar 28, 2014

Announcing the winners of the giveaway for Hues of Oz...........

This year Bess and Bob insisted on doing the grand draw for Oz, after all the cats had done it last year and to be frank they both think that those cats are too dammed spoiled, they always get the best place in front of the fire first and won't move and their food always taste nicer!

So here we go!

So the winner of the Oz cushion is.....Stacy of Magic Love Crow


The winner of the face plaque is...... James C Wallace, The Magician of Oz

If you send your address etc via Oma Linda at: turtle 8603 at comcast dot net, I will get your prizes sent off to you :)

And a HUGE thank you to Oma Linda for organizing another great Oz party

Mar 20, 2014

Kim Cowley - Hues of Oz 2014

I was so excited about the title of this years Celebrate Oz because when I first saw The Wizard of Oz as a child, I was just blown away by the shift from the dull Kansas black and white in the beginning of the film to the riot of Ozian colour when Dorothy awakens in the Land of Oz.

Oz was all bright, eye popping color!!

And if I think about the colours of Oz now, aside from the Gingham blue and ruby slippers (I wanted to be Dorothy and wear that dress and those slippers), I still see just that: a riot of colour and strange and wonderful faces.

Oz is the magical place where the rules of nature are different, animals talk, inanimate things become alive and the whole thing is a glorious riot of colour.

From these childhood memories came my inspiration for the face wall plaque and the cushion. I still have a soft spot for gingham so that runs through both pieces, but the colours and faces are as I saw them as a child.

The wall plaque is made from had made wet felt embellished with embroidery details. The Face is sewn onto a backing of unprimed art canvas and then glued to a wooden base, The base was cut with a jigsaw (a newly acquired skill btw) and I decoupaged it to go with the Oz theme. A hook has been added for hanging.

The cushion is hand made from gingham with hand made wet felted panels and embellishments added.

Both the wall plaque and the cushion are my giveaways and I would ask that you comment here and let me know which you are interested in. The drawing will be on March 28th and the winner announced here on March 29th. Good luck to all of you.

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