Sep 7, 2010

Not only rain brings "toadstools"

I believe in the fae which include faeries and other creatures just on the other side of the veil.

I am a lover of all things.....gnome. I put up a gnome tree in the winter just so they have a place to hide and come in out of the cold. And have a lovely collection of people made gnomes in all manner of living poses.

Knowing that a red capped mushroom is actually a gnome standing very still so that no one can recognize them has been a lovely part of my fantasy collection as well. Everytime I see red polka dots, I think put that together with my need to make something out of nothing and here is my light up gnome toadstool made from a glass bowls, glass vases, fairy lights and red polka dot fabric.

I'm sure that I will find a vinette in which to locate this fun project. I'm thinking front porch with a gnome. I think the gnomes will approve of my portrait of the "very still", I hope you do as well.