Nov 18, 2010

I just listed and relisted some items on Etsy

I know that I have shared with you how much I love turquoise and how it makes me feel when I am stringing the chips and stones. I just love these pieces and thought I would share them with you. Please come by and see me at my Etsy and also on Ebay at turtle8603.

turquoise chips, silver beads and coral seed beads
tied in the traditional Santo Domingo knots, no metal findings

3 strand brown pearl & turquoise med chips with oyster shell heishi
bone pentacle and beads alternating with goldstone/sunstone

polished coral necklace and earrings
turquoise paddle shape with alternating spheres and heishi
wonderful mixed blues & greens with matrix
 I also have relisted the painted silk brooches and some other goodies. Thank you for stopping by.


Susan Erickson said...

lovely pieces...I love turquoise and coral too....such vibrant colors and such a presence....flattering for everybody....

Lille Diane said...

Very beautiful, Linda. I was raised in southern CO & northern NM. I just went through all my favorite places in both states as well as AZ in Sept when I got married. I, too, love turquoise & coral. I'll be back to visit & will check out your Etsy shop. Thank you, for a beautiful post~