Sep 29, 2011

Maggie of Off My Rocker

October's Artist of the Month.

I would like to introduce you to Maggie. I met Maggie online because of her two sisters Maddyrose of Santa and the Mrs. and Marlene of Marlene's Musings. All three of these woman are so talented in so many different disciplines. For Ms. Maggie sewing, drawing, painting and sculpting are just a few.
Maggie has started a 13 witch collection, the first is Hester and the Second is Edna with Belladonna yet to make her appearance. I thought it would be perfect to show you, not only her first witches but also the other fantastic holiday and fantasy art dolls and sculptures that she has created.

I do hope you will go to her blog, Off My Rocker and check out all of her fabulous art. I know you will love what she does. I am in awe of her talent.


Magic Love Crow said...

Maggie is very talented!!! I love her sculptures!! Have a great day Linda ;o)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That leprechaun is darn cute. Looks like Will Millar of the Irish Rovers.

Magaly Guerrero said...

How absolutely cute! I love her witches. On my way to check her out.

Cinner said...

linda thanks for the heads up, I will go visit. a big hug to you. have a fabulous day.

maddyrose said...

Maggie's one of my favorite artists. She has yet to make something that I wouldn't love to own. I tell her this all of the time but she thinks I'm saying that because I'm her sister. Please go see her work for yourself and see if I'm right in saying she's a wonderful artist.