Mar 31, 2012

And here's some more info on Cathy DeLeRee

The more I find out about this lovely lady the more I am impressed with not only her talents but....her heart as well.

I asked if there were any other photos of her work that she wanted to share with you and this is what she sent me. I will let you read her words, it is so beautiful.

The painting I attached was a commission. This was for a woman that lost he horse Ricky. Its a memorial piece, made with the hair she saved for years. I had enough to somehow get his mane and tail done. It was a wonderful experience to get to know the spirit of Ricky as I created this work of love..:o)

What a beautiful way of memorializing a fur friend.

Hope you have enjoyed this edition of featured artist. And happy April tomorrow.


Magic Love Crow said...

This is beautiful Linda!!! Both of you are very special! I am so happy I have introduced you to Cathy ;o)

Maggie said...

How wonderful! I love that she was able to use part of the horse's hair in the artwork.

Sunshineshelle said...

I love the sensitive use of the hair in the artwork & the beautiful style Cathy paints in - gorgeous :)