May 2, 2012

You may not have met my bedbug yet.....

A year ago, I received a lovely albeit strange gift from someone I barely knew. I had been following a blog called Martha and Jane for some time and commented often on the antics of these characters. A story about stuffed animals made by Valerie Weberpal and others. It featured two dolls and their play partners. The maker VW also made bedbug dolls and April and Helen, the real bloggers behind the story then began sending out bedbugs to unsuspecting but appreciative folks. We became BB Mom's. There have ended up being several generations of Bedbug.

Here's Bopp with his first Bunny girlfriend.....he has had many since
My bedbugs is named Bopp. He is third generation in the makers line. I have posted about some of his adventures on both of my other blogs.....mostly on Ye Olde Crones Gazette. He and Ms. Baggs my wooden correspondent for the Gazette are friends. He has for several months now just been sidelined by lack of enthusiasm for either featuring him or being involved with the BB Mom's.

Well as with all good things.....the joy has gone out of mudsville and the group of folks who would chat, support and allow each others lunacy has gone silent for part of the group. And the reason? because of ego. Ain't it always the way????? One person gets to thinking that they have an idea that everyone else needs to (must) ascribe to. And when the others in the group aren't automatons, or worse, don't feel like it is a priority in their lives to drop everything else and do this persons bidding, they (because they are an Artiste) go ahead and do the non-participants parts without their permisssion. And then when some in the group leave because they have been bullied and not been told the complete truth, the remainders who have been true friends with each other for so long.......feel betrayed. So they resort to paranoid ugliness about the ones who left.

Me, I just hid under a rock for a few days, looked out to see the unfriendlies gathering and left the group too.

Bopp is so sad, he's taken to his bed.....I think it is Bedbug depression
Bopp and I are both sad to say good-bye to "a used to be fun" artistic sharing group. So sad.

Which just goes to show careful how you treat everyone, all the time because you can't take back what hurts someone else. Even an "I'm sorry, sometimes just doesn't undo the pain caused".

Nice Matters or as the famous running back Earl Campbell's grandma used to say, "it takes a lot more effort to be ugly to folks and a lot less to be kind."

Not trying to be preachy, just saying taking others feelings into consideration is always the best way to be a life artist, not just someone who makes art. Have a super week.


April said...

Bopp..get out of Bed, fellow- it's Beakman here! I have been depressed too and it's been difficult trying to answer all of Baby Bedbug's questions. She is just very sad that her number of loving Aunties has been very much reduced. If you need a change of location, you come out here to Little Rock and have a vacation Get Away with us! It will be hot & humid, but there are lots of fun things to do and Gramma is always baking things with chocolate! You think about family would love to have you visit. I love you, and Baby says she is blowing kisses to Auntie Linda! Your Pal, Beakman Bedbug.

Simona Cordara said...

Love your bedbug!! So cute! Thank you for visiting my blog. :)
I know what you say about groups. It happened to me, too. that's why I try to participate but I don't like getting too involved. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

Thanks Beakman....Bopp is up and we've discussed a trip to visit you. Perhaps it would be a good idea to let Bopp have some regrouping time. We'll have to discuss this further.....hmmmmmm.
And Simona, how very kind of you to visit my blog, I am honored. Your work just blows me away. Oma Linda

April said...

Also...please tell Bopp that my wife, Dona Cristina, is a fabulous cook..she's Italian, you know!!! May the Itchiness be with you, Beakman!