Jan 2, 2012

What's new gnu???

Well, hi there folks. It's only the twoth of the new year and already the rebel without a clue in me has brought me to a conclusion.....of monumtental proportion.

First that I woke up on the sparky side of 2012, can ya tell?   and

There are lots of talented people out there who deserve to get more people's attention and a bigger spotlight on their handiwork..........can I get an amen and duh Linda?

I am in a couple of organizations online that do this pretty well on their own....advertising that is, but I am going to bring what I like and what I know to Practically Magickal for your dining and dancing pleasure.....er viewing pleasure.

I'm gonna start with some of the abundance of talent that is on Etsy and also on Blogger....but if you know someone who needs some exposure and I'm not just talking about your pale friends who don't partake of the suntan parlors, then let me know via email and I'll put them on here too. Or if you would like to be included in this venture let me know....I'm all for self promotion.

Because like my Uncle Fancy used to say, unless you toot your own horn, no one will know you can play the sucker. And I'm all about playing. How 'bout it? Wanna play?


Katy Cameron said...

You know my mammy always warned me about people that exposed themselves... ;o) Sounds like a fab idea though, looking forward to seeing who pops up

Magic Love Crow said...

You are so cute Linda ;o) I wanna play ;o)

maddyrose said...

Okay, tell me you haven't been at the cooking sherry again.

I'll be here to see whomever you bring out and parade about. Being one of those who have been brought out and paraded about I know how helpful it can be. Hugs Kiddo

Sandi said...

OH MY GODDESS!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the gnu gnews when I was a kid!! hahahaha.

Katy - That's FUNNY! I warn my kids about them too... unless they have candy. :) lol

But seriously I would love to play. I have an Etsy shop (www.craftsbysandi.com) and a blog on blogger! I am hoping to make more of an effort to advertise other shops on my blog than I did last year. I have joined the Etsy Pagan Team and plan to start with those shops sometime later this month! I hope lol

Maggie said...

LOL, you are funny, Linda, or, Rebel without a clue! I can't wait to see who you spotlight next. Happy New Year~!

Jeanne said...

You never fail to put smile on my face! :0)
Looking forward to seeing who is "brought out".
And your Uncle Fancy was so correct! :0)