Jan 15, 2012

Zoe Renee is born today.....Grandma Georgina is my featured artist

Zoe Renee is Georgina's first granddaughter. She has a posse of grandsons, but this baby girl will be the queen bee for sure.

Georgina Diaz and I met each other on a paper mache group online almost 3 years ago. Immediate kinship was established and we began to make folks on the the paper mache group wish they had closed the group because we had so much fun with each other. We left that group of "grumpies" behind and headed for blogger with a smile on our faces and sarcasim in our souls. Georgina is a Texan, but I have never held that against her, tee hee. After all she lives in El Paso and we in New Mexico have long known that all of that part of Texas is actually part of NM except for politics.

With her wonderful hispanic vibe to the craziness she brings to her "arting", she is a favorite, Dia de Los Muertos, La Reina, Guadalupe and general fun artist, using loud colors and bold attitude. There is nothing sad about any of her pieces of mixed media, paper mache, painted wonderfulness.

Georgina has an opinion about everything and is never not willing to share not only her view on life but her love as well. She is the consumate "bestie" and partner in crime that we, of the loca vieja (crazy old woman) set look for in a friend.

Please go check out La Llorna Arts, you'll not only get an eyeful of whimsical art but an eyeful of the world according Ms. Georgina. And trust me, she'll make you giggle or scratch your head at least once, each visit. She is a gem.

Congratulations to you Grandma Georgina, and to your daugher, her husband and the brothers of the new baby Zoe Renee


brandi said...

~congrats to your friend and the new wee little one...these pieces are bold and bright full of color!!! i love the pieces in the very last picture...much love light and blessings~

Magic Love Crow said...

I love Georgina's art Linda!! Wow!! So much color and so filled with life!! I went to her blog and didn't see an Etsy, shop? I have to look again! A big congrats on the new baby ;o) I am sure Grandma Georgina will spoil her ;o)

Georgina said...

Hey Vieja, where has this blog been hiding. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me!! Thank you soo much....I'm truly humbled by your sweet and very poignant opin of me!! Hahahahaha!!!

Just got back from Walmart and all I can say is, "what a day I've had!!" Also, first pinchi dust storm of the year...I hate dust storms...or as I describe it as, "Exchanging real estate with Mexico and New Mexico!! LOL

Got a bit more to tell you about Ms. Zoe Renee, but I'll send you an email about that. Again, muchas gras on this wonderful blog and I'm going to follow it...sheesh girl, I thought I was following your entire plethora of blogs...you sneaked this one by me. Oh well.

Loves ya mucho,

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm enchanted by the dolly's eyes, and the smile of the colorful pumpkins. Lovely, indeed.