Jan 8, 2012

Sandi Crawford

It's Sunday.....do you know what that means???? It means I am featuring another crafty person on Practically Magickal.

My newest "featuree" commented on this blog and volunteered to be one of my features. She and I are on an Etsy group together. In the group, Pagans on Etsy, I said that I would be a Promo Pixie....can't you just see me as a pixie? Sorta like Fairy Mary in the Tinkerbell movie, only a wee bit older, way cuter and some chubbier. Yep that's me.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you all to Sandi Crawford of Sandi Enchanted Garden.

In viewing her shop, I found that she has many different lovely items in her shop and handmakes all of them. Sandi says this about herself: I have been into herbalism, and aromatherapy and designing my own blends since the birth of my first son in 1995. I used many of my herb and essential oil blends to help with colic, teething, breastfeeding, not selling him (lol) etc. By the time he was in elementary school I was making and selling crafts and candles of the same sort.
Since my products are handmade they contain the energy of the one making them. I make my candles in calm and relaxed environment so that the same relaxing energy can be felt when burning them, and it increases the power available to me when I charge and bless them. The methods I use to charge them were taught to me by a witch I worked with in Europe. It had been handed down to her through the women in her family for centuries!

I invite you to go and take a look at the wonderful assortment of candles, oils and wonderfulness that is Sandi Enchanted Garden.

And if there are those of you who would like to be featured here on Practically Magickal....just let me know, I would love to make it so.

Oma Linda


Anonymous said...

Linda, I did visit Sandi's Etsy Shop, and loved it. Thank you for bringing these talented people to my attention. I knew Stacy already, but this is the first I've known about Sandi...so happy to know about her now...thank you :)

Sandi said...

AAAHHH! Thank you for featuring my little shop. I really enjoyed the post!! I am also a promo pixie on the Pagan Team, but it has been a while since I featured another shop. I think it's about time I did as well. Maybe you will be my first victim...er volunteer as well??? Lol. Thank again love. I can't wait to see who else you find out there! :D



IrelandBrady said...

Thank you for introducing Sandi! She has so many wonderful items in her shop..... hope a lot of people check it out!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Linda ;o) I love Sandi's shop! I have to ask her if she will ship to Canada? I think it's so interesting that her methods of charging, were handed down to her from a witch in Europe! Wow! She has some beautiful items! And, Linda, I think you would be an adorable Pixie ;o) Big hugs ;o)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm totally in lust with the full moon candle. What a beauty.

But none as beautiful as you, my Oma. Your heart is always willing to give, and that, my friend, makes you grand.

clairz said...

Etsy looks like a place where I could get lost for days.

Linda, how do I find you on Pinterest?